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What is TNC?

The annual Networking Conference (TNC) is the forum where companies have a unique opportunity to present their products and services to a community of 'early adopters’. TNC brings together more than 650 leading figures and decision makers from national research and education networking (NREN) organisations, research institutions, technology industries and government representatives, as well as some of the world's premier networking engineers. They present and discuss the technical and strategic aspects of network provisioning and related services and identify equipment, connection requirements, and engineering functions and services necessary to the research and education community. Together, TNC participants represent an annual information technology investment budget of more than 1,000 million euros.


What is GÉANT?

GÉANT, the European Research and Education Networking Association, provides a forum where those interested in advanced network technology collaborate, innovate and share knowledge to foster the development of Internet technology and associated services for research and education. GÉANT is also the pan-European data network project dedicated to the research and education community, and in GLIF, the Global Lambda Integrated Facility, an international virtual organisation that promotes the paradigm of lambda networking.


Why sponsor TNC?

  • Get exposure in the European research & education networking community.
  • Build relationships and learn what is happening within the research & education networking community.
  • Present your technical solutions to the experts in the field.
  • Learn about the latest technology and service developments relevant to research and education.
  • Join some of Europe’s leading research networking executives driving innovation and sparking creativity.
  • Expand your business opportunities and meet leading thinkers in the European research networking Community