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Polytechnic of Porto, ESMAD (Portugal)

Tiago Castro

Author is a student of the second year of Multimedia on the School of Media Arts and Design of Polytechnic of Porto.
He never enjoyed studying using books as the traditional model demands, and he is adept at learning autonomously by using the technological resources and the internet to assist him in the process.
He made an Internship on the Multimedia Lab (LAMU) of the department of computer of Superior School of Engineering of Porto where he had a preliminary contact with authoring tools (as Adobe Captivate).
Also he had another internship on a Portuguese TV channel (Porto Canal) where he could realize the importance of video (mostly in education).
He will integrate the unity of Pedagogical innovation of Polytechnic of Porto as external collaborator.
Last month he talked on a workshop to help students to create their own Web TV channel and produce lecture recordings.
Has been invited and soon soon he will participate as speaker/trainer on a workshop to teach participants (teachers and students) to create their own educational videos and present their works on video.

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