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i2cat Foundation

Artur Serra Hurtado

Artur Serra i Hurtado has been the Deputy Director of the i2cat Foundation in Catalonia, Spain, since its creation in 2003. i2cat was one of the first European programmes on the Future Internet. Also an anthropologist Artur’s work focused very early on the convergence of culture and internet with projects like Opera Oberta, Dancing Q, and many others developed in collaboration with Liceu de Barcelona, RedIris,GéANT, Internet2, Cinegrid, KAIST, CANARIE, the RNP from Brazil and other institutions globally. He is the precursor of the EU-funded SPECiFI project, dedicated to build the “European Creative Ring” and which was presented in November 2016 at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona. .
Dr. Serra is also a founding member of the European Network of Living Labs. He is passionate about organising public-private-citizen partnerships fostering people-driven innovation around the world.

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