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Consortium GARR (Italy)

Alex Barchiesi

Creative Physicist, studied Particle Physics in Rome La Sapienza University, fellow in Fermi Institute Chicago. PhD in Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and La Sapienza University of Rome, researcher for Atlas experiment at CERN - deputy ATLAS software responsible at CERN and INFN.
Postdoc researcher at Ecole Politecnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL) - LDM laboratory of media design and generative architecture. Head of the SINLAB Project, an experimental laboratory in EPFL Switzerland, situated at the intersection of Performing Arts, Architecture, Science, Engineering and Philosophy.
Professor of PXS Personal Interaction Studio course in the department of Computer Science of EPFL Faculty of Computer and Communication Sciences (I&C).
Instructor of Home 2.0 course in the department of Architecture of EPFL Faculty of Environmental, Civic Engineering and Architecture (ENAC).
At present senior cloud architect at Italian academy and research network (GARR), responsible of research and development for cloud infrastructures and architecture of distributed Storage and Computing department.
Responsible of the art and humanities projects and collaborations for GARR.

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