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The delivery of cloud services through the NRENs has reached an important milestone. Many NRENs have turned a fuzzy, foggy topic (the 'what, how and who of cloud services'), into concrete service offerings. NRENs operate national compute and collaboration cloud platforms and broker agreements with commercial suppliers. In both areas, substantial progress has been made.
Behind these offerings is a Pan-European and even global NREN collaboration, where information is actively shared and agreements with cloud providers are made collectively. These joint efforts have resulted in attractive service offerings for research and education users.
In this TNC17 'Cloud on the ground' session, we will give you an overview of the latest developments and zoom in on the usecases shown below.

The session is followed by the yearly TNC Cloud Café, the perfect opportunity for a refreshing cloud conversation.


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Wednesday, 31 May from 16:00 to 17:30
A Plenary
Andres Steijaert SURFnet bv

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