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Research Engagement and the Sociology of Global Collaborations Save to my Google calendar

Over the past five years, new programs across many university, national and international networking organizations have been created to ensure researchers around the world can readily access the networking and computing tools they need to support their research pursuits. These programs are motivated by research collaborations which are increasingly global in scale and performing increasingly data-intensive experiments. Many community engagement teams are focused particularly on researchers in domains that have not traditionally needed networks or HPC/HTC to analyze their data sets. Our research engagement community has made tremendous strides in supporting researchers - however, many challenges remain. While many of us look to the technical challenges that must be solved (e.g. software, workflows, etc), we must also deeply consider the cultural and sociological factors that impact adoption of new technology by end users. This discussion will explore how the panelists are working together across different cultural and sociological backgrounds both within the networking community and the research domains they support to achieve the goal of enabling seamless end-to-end collaboration.


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Wednesday, 31 May from 9:00 to 10:30
D room

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