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Fostering Creativity in Network Space: Open Orchestration for... Save to my Google calendar

In this session we will speak about Open Orchestration, and how this approach can be applied to the cooperative creation of services that encompass all ITC resources (essentially compute, storage and networking) by means of the NFV and SDN technologies and Open Source software. (1) First, a brief review of the state of the art of NFV and the actual situation. An reference to Open Source Mano and other software initiatives will be provided. (2) the work being done by ETSI regarding standardization and interoperability, and some conclusions about these gathered in the 1st NFV Plugtest will show that the stepping-stones to foster Open Orchestration in wide heterogeneous communities as GEANT are already available (3) Finally Open Source MANO (OSM) architecture will be described and the work done to produce an OSM plugin for ONOS that allows the control of a SDN infrastructure will be presented and demonstrated.


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Thursday, 1 June from 9:00 to 10:30
B room

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