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Off the beaten track:Sparks of innovation from the NREN universe Save to my Google calendar

The session will take a look at the changing NREN landscape worldwide, namely changes which take place in view of Globalisation, the Organisation of NRENs and the Structure in R&E, and the resulting challenges to NRENs worldwide. Newly created innovative NRENS of regions outside the centre of Europe, which do not follow the beaten path of the long-time well-established NRENs, are invited to present their approaches on how to overcome these challenges. Challenges to be discussed might include how to succeed in competition with commercial providers, how to successfully develop new products and bring them to the market, and in which way to effectively attract new customers.
The objective of the session is to promote new and innovative ideas from the “Start-up” NRENS, which might spark innovation also in long-time-on-the-market NRENs.

This session was organised as part of GN4-2 NA3 T1, the GEANT Partner and Stakeholder relations activities.


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Tuesday, 30 May from 14:00 to 15:30
D room

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