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Emerging Security Improvements for Network Time Synchronization Securing the Building Blocks
Embedding Synch and Share Platforms inside eScience Workflow Lightning talks - Second Strike
eduVPN Lightning talks - First Strike
eduTEAMS at a Glance Lightning talks - First Strike
eduGAIN Attribute Release Check Lightning talks - First Strike
Ecosystem for digital data preservation Working together towards a European Open Science Cloud
Distributed learning based on free open educational resources Lightning talks - First Strike
Digital heritage for distance collaboration Come play in the cloud
Defining and Deploying TIPPSS for IoT Securing the Things
Data Tourism Lightning talks - Second Strike
Dataporten – an API platform for higher education Identity LEGO
Cyber Security Challenge (by NRENs, for students...) Lightning talks - First Strike
Cyber-crisis exercises Lightning talks - Second Strike
c-theatre: light speed connected geo-distributed performances Come play in the cloud
CSTNET welcome collaborations
Creating an NREN in a commercial world Off the beaten track:Sparks of innovation from the NREN universe
Container overlay networks: supporting remote data processing Lightning talks - Second Strike
Consent-Informed Attribute Release (CARMA) Lightning talks - Second Strike
Connecting to cloud providers Networking for clouds
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