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Making the Open Orchestration happen Fostering Creativity in Network Space: Open Orchestration for...
Living Labs and Creativity Thursday plenary 1
Learning from Failures Research Engagement and the Sociology of Global Collaborations
Kytos SDN Platform Lightning talks - First Strike
Intersection between Museums, Libraries and Digital Technology Closing plenary
Intent for Configuring High-Performance Science Networks SDN and automation
InAcademia - simple affiliation validation Lightning talks - Second Strike
Implementing Carrier Services in OpenFlow- OpenFlow Switch as MPLS PE-Router Network architectures
Hybrid Clouds: Dancing with virtual machines Cloud on the ground
How to use cyber kill chain model to build cybersecurity? Securing the Infrastructure
Handling Network Events in a Production SDN Environment SDN and automation
Grains, a Universe of Sounds Come play in the cloud
Govroam in the UK: herding cats for fun and profit Identity strategy
Good Things Come In Small Packages — Creative perfSONAR Network monitoring
Game Changing Software Defined Multilayer Networks Software Defined Multilayer Networks
Funding the launch of your innovative ideas Lightning talks - First Strike
French medical students now take digital exams Learning and credentials
ESnet6: Building Tomorrow’s Big Science Networks Network architectures
Enriching network and security events for event detection Securing the Infrastructure
Empowering GÉANT deployments with ONOS brigades SDN and overlay networks
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