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Organisational and communication issues in supporting research collaborations
Open Source Projects – Collaborating with Strangers Open Source Collaboration
Open Orchestration and Interoperability. Fostering Creativity in Network Space: Open Orchestration for...
OpenID Connect Identity Federations at lightning speed Identity LEGO
Open Badges for value recognition in Higher Education Learning and credentials
Off the beaten track:Sparks of innovation from the NREN universe
NRENs and RRENs as Barometer for Market Competitiveness Lightning talks - First Strike
Networking Research Challenges in Multi-UAV Systems Enabling a creative environment
NetSage: The Next Step for Smarter Network Measurement and Analysis Network monitoring
net:art coordination center
Multi-layer software defined networking in GÉANT Software Defined Multilayer Networks
More than IaaS: Academic Cloud Services for Researchers Cloud on the ground
Mastering the Art of Collaboration for WISEr Global Security Securing the Things
Mapping Adversary Infrastructure Using DNS Securing the Building Blocks
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