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Title Session
Mapping Adversary Infrastructure Using DNS Securing the Building Blocks
Mastering the Art of Collaboration for WISEr Global Security Securing the Things
More than IaaS: Academic Cloud Services for Researchers Cloud on the ground
Multi-layer software defined networking in GÉANT Software Defined Multilayer Networks
net:art coordination center
NetSage: The Next Step for Smarter Network Measurement and Analysis Network monitoring
Networking Research Challenges in Multi-UAV Systems Enabling a creative environment
NRENs and RRENs as Barometer for Market Competitiveness Lightning talks - First Strike
Off the beaten track:Sparks of innovation from the NREN universe
Open Badges for value recognition in Higher Education Learning and credentials
OpenID Connect Identity Federations at lightning speed Identity LEGO
Open Orchestration and Interoperability. Fostering Creativity in Network Space: Open Orchestration for...
Open Source Projects – Collaborating with Strangers Open Source Collaboration
Organisational and communication issues in supporting research collaborations
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