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Title Session
Connecting to cloud providers Networking for clouds
Consent-Informed Attribute Release (CARMA) Lightning talks - Second Strike
Container overlay networks: supporting remote data processing Lightning talks - Second Strike
Creating an NREN in a commercial world Off the beaten track:Sparks of innovation from the NREN universe
CSTNET welcome collaborations
c-theatre: light speed connected geo-distributed performances Come play in the cloud
Cyber-crisis exercises Lightning talks - Second Strike
Cyber Security Challenge (by NRENs, for students...) Lightning talks - First Strike
Dataporten – an API platform for higher education Identity LEGO
Data Tourism Lightning talks - Second Strike
Defining and Deploying TIPPSS for IoT Securing the Things
Digital heritage for distance collaboration Come play in the cloud
Distributed learning based on free open educational resources Lightning talks - First Strike
Ecosystem for digital data preservation Working together towards a European Open Science Cloud
eduGAIN Attribute Release Check Lightning talks - First Strike
eduTEAMS at a Glance Lightning talks - First Strike
eduVPN Lightning talks - First Strike
Embedding Synch and Share Platforms inside eScience Workflow Lightning talks - Second Strike
Emerging Security Improvements for Network Time Synchronization Securing the Building Blocks
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