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Title Session
Aligning Federation Capabilities Globally Identity strategy
A NetFlow/IPFIX implementation with OpenFlow Network monitoring
An extended analysis of an IoT malware from a blackhole network Securing the Things
Application-centric multi-layer transport networking Software Defined Multilayer Networks
Badges?!? We ain't got no stinkin badges! Learning and credentials
Bringing data to life through story Thursday plenary 1
Clouds on the ground - ready for adoption Cloud on the ground
Clouds - the Norwegian way Cloud on the ground
Collaboration of Catalan Universities Working together towards a European Open Science Cloud
Connecting to cloud providers Networking for clouds
c-theatre: light speed connected geo-distributed performances Come play in the cloud
Dataporten – an API platform for higher education Identity LEGO
Defining and Deploying TIPPSS for IoT Securing the Things
Digital heritage for distance collaboration Come play in the cloud
Ecosystem for digital data preservation Working together towards a European Open Science Cloud
Emerging Security Improvements for Network Time Synchronization Securing the Building Blocks
Empowering GÉANT deployments with ONOS brigades SDN and overlay networks
Enriching network and security events for event detection Securing the Infrastructure
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