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The evolution of monitoring service: RNP Case

This work aims to share the experience of RNP, the Brazilian NREN, in promoting the evolution of its monitoring service, whose main motivation was to establish greater control of the operation and better management of communication infrastructure of the Brazilian academic network, as well as its aggregated communication and collaboration services. Initially RNP adopted a new open source tool in 2015, implementing a distributed architecture with remote monitoring agents, providing a high resiliency service and new functionalities. Another action was the implementation of monitoring for RNP's advanced services, reducing the time identification of failures, the NOC (network operation center) operators started to contact the appropriate technical teams more assertively, reducing the recovery time and providing a better support and service management. Additionally, in a change in its work philosophy, RNP decided to increase significantly its support and monitoring responsibility, including customer connections with the academic network within its monitoring scope, which was previously in the responsibility of the teams in each of the 27 PoPs (national points of presence). Therefore it describes the improvement needs identified, the adopted strategy, its action plan over two years, its difficulties, the solutions found and the benefits that this evolution of the monitoring service provided for the RNP infrastructure management and consequently for its customers. Finally, it points out what the next steps that RNP is going to have in order to continue the improvement.



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