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Puppy paws: facilitating remote teaching and performances

Like many influential things in the world, it started with a dream: what if we could perform together from different locations?  What if artists, academics and technicians could get together and share their requirements for making multisite performances a reality? And what if their ideas were enabled by the research and education networks?  The dream has since come true and a variety of technologies in combination with advanced networks are making it possible for students and artists to play, dance, perform and otherwise collaborate while being in different countries and even continents. Every year experts from different disciplines gather at the Network Performing Arts Production Workshops (NPAPWS), held in Europe and the United States annually as a collaborative project of GÉANT and Internet2 together with NRENs and cultural institutions around the world to share knowledge and experience in this field and expand their network in search for new collaboration opportunities. In addition, outreach is an equally important activity as a result of which this environmentally sustainable multisite cooperation model, eliminating the need to move people across the world for rehearsals, workshops and even performances is being adopted by new user communities, such as theatres and libraries. Oh, and what does it have to do with puppies? Find out during the lightning talk at TNC17!


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