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Security risks and ethical implications of sensitive data on the

The talk will be focusing on the sensitive data in the Internet of Things security risks as well as ethical implications to the end users. Wearable devices will be the main focus of the talk as they are becoming more and more popular by the day. These devices are more prone to security and ethical risks as they were not originally developed with data transferring security measures in mind. The ability to store and send sensitive user data through wireless public and private networks for storage on the Internet is still fairly new. Some of the manufacturers might not have the option for the user to be able to view all of the data collected or even delete any of it. Hence, the user might not be in control of who actually can access and view their data both legally and illegally. Most likely the users will not even be aware that someone other than themselves can and will view the data collected by their wearable device. Also legally shared with other companies, as ISP’s in America can do. These risks cannot be tackled only by the developers, end users should be part of the solution.


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