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Embedding Synch and Share Platforms inside eScience Workflow

Synch & share platforms, such as AARNet's CloudStor, have quickly won over our membership and now typically hold tens of thousands of accounts and showing every indication they'll grow to petabyte working data holdings. This makes them excellent candidates to be a hub inside an eScience workflow hub-and-spoke system. In Australia, an effort to build such an ecosystem is now underway, called the Australian Data Lifecycle Framework (DLCF, ). It is a national effort to interconnect digital research resources and tools, conceptually using a central "data pump", based on AARNet's CloudStor, to move data into the system and around its various spokes. The resulting interconnected digital fabric is intended to give researchers a simple path to reliable provenance, allow them to collaborate across organisations more effectively, and position themselves to address the growing potential of increasingly open data. An interesting conceptual switch is that data is no longer conceived of as owned by individuals; rather it is stored as belonging to a research project (as identified by Grant IDs), with users acting as "group members" of these research projects. By corollary, we've had to make CloudStor group-aware and embark on definitions of a group membership CRUD protocol between the CldouStor hub and its various eScience spokes.


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