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Supporting Research Locally and Globally with EYR

Enlighten Your Research (EYR) is an idea developed by SURFnet to engage research communities in using network resources to “enlighten” research. The original EYR project in 2007 was presented as a competition for the Dutch research community which focused on network resources, however, as more iterations of the program continued other e-infrastructure resources were made available, making the program more and more popular. While the Dutch national EYR program has been around for a decade, regional and global EYR programs have been developed recently to understand what international research communities need, and learn how the requirements for networks and compute change at different scales in collaboration with NRENs across Europe and the rest of the world. The two most recent versions of EYR, in addition to the continuing EYR Dutch program, include EYR-Global and EYR for the Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss and compare the different versions of EYR, what has been learned from the different types of programs and how scale plays an important role in this analysis. The presentation will also discuss future plans for the EYR portfolio, including how to template the project for other NRENs, and the beginning of the next EYR-Global 2018. The 25-minute presentation will be an introduction to a proposed birds-of-a-feather meeting where the presenters plan to exchange feedback about the EYR programs and discuss how EYR can be useful to other NREN communities in the future--as an instrument for research support and engagement.


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