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Multi-layer software defined networking in GÉANT

As part of the current GÉANT project (GN4-2) a team of GÉANT and NREN engineers and operations members are addressing the introduction of multi-layer software defined networking in R&E networks. Requirements for dynamic control of traffic on a per flow / service basis are combined with the need to converge packet and optical network layers to ensure economic sustainability, due to the exponential growth in backbone network traffic and increasingly volatile traffic patterns. The approach taken aims to eliminate inefficiencies between current network layers. This presentation will describe the GN4-2 efforts towards the integration of Infinera's Open Transport Switch virtualization layer (OTSv) solution to the ONOS SDN platform. It will also give an overview of the GÉANT’s vision for a multi-layer solution that combines other GÉANT Layer-2 and 3 use-cases with optical SDN into multi-layer integration operating under a single controlling platform.



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