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ASNET-AM: Bridging the Digital Divide in Education and Research

Armenia is, more than ever, in the need of cutting-edge e-infrastructures and e-services to tackle today's societal and scientific challenges. Besides the challenges on country level, like poor economic situation or brain drain, the research and education sector needs to overcome the gaps between the theoretical and applied research or between state and private salaries in ICT. The Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, as an operator of ASNET-AM, is the only state-supported structure for software, hardware, and brainware technologies in Armenia, which provides computing and networking facilities and advanced services to users. The main objective is not only to highlight the current trends of e-infrastructures in Armenia and beyond in the Eastern Partnership region, but also to provide guidance and to offer the means to bridge the digital divide in education and research.



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