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The benefits of regional and global collaboration for Central Asian NRENs using CAREN network

CAREN is the Central Asia Research and Education Network, which currently interconnects the R&E communities of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. CAREN, with its current project CAREN3, takes on these challenges by providing cost effective regional networks, combined with regional and global collaboration in R&E as a way to compete with commercial ISPs. Links to other regional networks, such as the pan-European GÉANT backbone, give CAREN global reach, allowing seamless data exchange and collaboration between researchers and educationalists in Central Asia and the rest of the world.  The CAREN Cooperation Centre (CAREN*CC), which was established recently by the CAREN partners as a not-for-profit organisation, will promote R&E networking throughout the Central Asian region and this way maximise the impact of CAREN.   The presentation will highlight several outstanding examples for global collaboration of Central Asian NRENs using CAREN. At present, Central Asians NRENs are open for partnership cooperation with EU NRENs for growth and innovative approach using the Gigabit CAREN network.



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