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French medical students now take digital exams

Every year medical students in France take a crucial exam, The National Classifying Exam (ECN), which determines their future. Their rank in this exam determines which specialisation they can undertake and where in France they are offered a place to work. Now this exam has been modernised and digitized, and the French Education and Research Network, RENATER, is responsible for mission critical infrastructure. Following a trial period, the digitized version – the ECNi – was officially launched with the examinations conducted in June 2016, and the benefits are significant. At university examination centres within 34 faculties of medicine, the network architecture successfully allowed a real-time, simultaneous and secured composition for the 8572 medical students using ECNi-labelled tablets. For the new digitized version of such a crucial exam, security is of the utmost importance. Security is checked at every step by a specialised company. RENATER has also managed a network study in cooperation with the universities, in order to identify any lack of resilience, and suggest improvements when needed. 4G / SDSL links have been set up to complement solution in record time. The first run in 2016 was successful and no fatal issues were experimented due especially to the resilient network deployed in the frame of the project. However, improvements could be investigated considering this first experience. After this world first in 2016, RENATER and the CNG are already engaged for the good success of the ECNi 2017.


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