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The Art of Creative Networking, reloaded. Subtitle: Factors for Successful Networks

The Art of Creative Networking, reloaded. Subtitle: What do researchers and research support providers really need? What are the factors for successful networks in their path towards the European Open Science Cloud? In 2015, scientific and artistic-scientific personnel of all 21 universities and three non-university research institutions in Austria were given the call to participate in a nation-wide survey focusing on solid research data management and related support services. The survey was conducted within the framework of the e-Infrastructures Austria ( project, co-funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics (BMWFW) and the Austrian universities. The evaluation of the results was conducted by representatives of research support institutes, mainly scientific libraries, computer centres and research offices. The aim was to facilitate the actual, practical handling of digital data and the related infrastructure, proposing practical solutions to be implemented by successful academic networks. The presentation provides insight into the planning, implementation and evaluation of this ambitious undertaking and presents the main results that might have an impact on regional, national and transnational level. For the first time, the status quo of domestic data management is being presented in a manner that represents all disciplines. Organizational, structural and strategic measures for the development of successful networks and e-infrastructures for individual institutions can then be derived using this data and the findings of the survey. In addition, it is possible through a good analysis of the project e-Infrastructures Austria and a co-ordinated approach to identify the key elements of successful networking, of common areas of responsibility for a good governance, and to establish appropriate services and infrastructures.


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