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Pre-commercial procurement: challenges and opportunities for the NREN community

Session chairs:
Bartosz Belter, PSNC
Chrysostomos Tziouvaras, GRNET
Rudolf Vohnout, CESNET

Public Procurement is an important and sophisticated mechanism for public bodies which influences the overall market and creates policies for governments, agencies and other public bodies. There is much discussion surrounding the concepts of public procurement and innovation and how these can lead to an economically-stronger, environmentally-resilient and more competitive Europe. With respect to research, development and innovation services for public bodies two procurement mechanisms were created and are becoming more and more popular – PCP and PPI.

Using PPI and PCP mechanisms public buyers can influence the market towards innovative and desired by specific body solutions. Research Networks, in order to efficiently implement beyond state-of-the-art network services in today’s networks, need to synchronize efforts by building a common procurement roadmap specifying common requirements in the short term and mid-to-long term areas of common European interests.
This session creates an opportunity for NREN representatives, including decision makers, researchers and engineers to better understand the new procurement mechanisms that are available in Europe to stimulate innovation and economic growth. This session is also intended at users of Research Networks to coordinate and orchestrate formulation of their future needs and requirements from networking.

The session will consist of the following presentations:


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