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Smart and Connected Communiities - The Network and the People

Smart cities and communities are building and flourishing around the world as the deployment of sensor based technologies often called the “Internet of Things” increases. The creative networking of devices, systems and people in a smart connected community, and leverage of the information captured from the devices and people to make “smarter” decisions, is creating many opportunities for information and communications technology as well as our communities to improve city operations, system efficiencies, safety and security. The Art of Creative networking is enabling smart and connected communities, from smart university campus sites to smart cities. The networking includes physical networking fueled by the diffusion of technologies, and people networking to drive collaborative innovation between people, organizations and systems. The session will cover the art of creative networking of things and people to enable smart connected communities, including a discussion about what achievements towards smart communities session participants have in their own countries and how we can help researchers, lecturers, students and community leaders in the pursuit of smart connected communities.



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