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Aligning Federation Capabilities Globally

Embracing the ‘Reimagining Federations’ session from last year's TNC, CAF, InCommon, and the UK federation have been collaborating on exploring a deeper level of integration of both architecture and operation of their respective federations and would like to share their progress and 'take the temperature of the room' to see if other operators share the same interests. Much like the NREN Global Network Architecture working group has sought a more efficient NREN network architecture, our small group has been looking at how we can more closely collaborate and leverage a common federation architecture in order to reduce duplication of effort and provide a more efficient and effective service for our membership. The federation landscape has changed significantly with inter-federation via eduGAIN as the new normal. As we invest in our infrastructure to keep ahead of the demand our group informally compared and harmonized our roadmaps to the extent possible. With different areas of focus, our collaboration efforts took into consideration a more global view than just that in our own region so that the solution was more adaptable to others by design. Taking these extra steps has allowed us to have more interoperability and reuse of our respective activities and solutions. We believe that together we can produce more value for the community than working independently. This presentation is not a 'reveal' of one item, but a sharing of where we are in the journey and invitation to discuss some approaches we've gravitated to for deeper collaboration and equally important, a deeper dialogue with our peers on what topics we would like to fine tune. Some of these approaches and ideas seem pretty obvious, while others may be a little more controversial.


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