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Trying to replace my job with a small robot army

Twenty years ago, we used to manage our networks by hand-editing configurations. A human operator would deploy them — again, often by hand — on the live network and check to see if it worked. That same operator would watch for logs and pings to see if something had changed, and use their own judgement to decide if that change was good or bad. We still do things that way. There must be a better way to do this, but finding it is difficult. Not just because of the technology – in fact, perhaps least of all because of that. We're talking about the operations that make up a lot of our jobs, and if we have computers that can do these for us, then it could make our lives so much easier – or much, much more frustrating. How do we find the right way to do this, in an environment of public procurement and where getting it wrong means we're stuck with the wrong solution for years at a time?



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SDN and automation

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