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REFEDS ORCID Working Group best practices & recommendations

Creativity often comes at the intersection of contradiction. The use of ORCID iDs are often discussed in terms of contradiction. In early 2016 the REFEDS ORCID Working group was established, tasked with exploring ORCID’s role within the FIM community. During this presentation we will discuss the results of this working group, looking at the seemingly contradiction of the use of ORCID such as: * ORCID as an IdP / ORCID as an SP * IdP attribute release of ORCID iDs / ORCID and strong self-service identity vetting During this talk we will discuss the results of these explorations, referencing the working group report that will be released just prior to the TNC conference. The report will include information such as - best practices for the use and incorporation of ORCID iDs in the FIM setting - operational considerations for ORCID as a large multi-national SP - lessons drawn from ORCID’s experience as an R&S SP - considerations for the use of strong self-service identity vetting



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