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The Commons Conservancy

The GÉANT ‘Greenhouse’ Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a nurturing environment for the development and sustainability of open-source software. This GÉANT SIG is the place where NREN open-source projects look for help and advice. This SIG initiated with support from NLnet foundation the creation of a support instrument called: The Commons Conservancy. The Commons Conservancy is a foundation set up to help mature upcoming efforts around open technologies, and facilitate healthy and self-supporting ecosystems that are sustainable in the long term. It does so by providing an infrastructure for coordination as well as a proper legal framework for governance over contributions made to the projects. The Commons Conservancy has an open application procedure. There is an MoU between GÉANT, NLnet foundation and The Commons Conservancy through which projects from the GÉANT community are automatically accepted. In this session the unique benefits of The Commons Conservancy as a home for your open source projects will be addressed.


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