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NetSage: The Next Step for Smarter Network Measurement and Analysis

Modern science is increasingly data-driven and collaborative in nature, producing petabytes of data that can be shared by tens to thousands of scientists all over the world. NetSage is a project to develop a unified open, privacy-aware network measurement, and visualization service to better understand network usage in support of these large scale applications. New capabilities to measure and analyze the utilization of international wide-area networks are essential to ensure end-users are able to take full advantage of such infrastructure. NetSage was developed to support the US National Science Foundation international networking program, but can be deployed in other settings. It consists of a canonical testpoint, which gathers SNMP, perfSONAR, and flow data using Tstat, NetFlow or SFlow; a suite of analysis tools; an open source archive; and a visualization front end. It is currently being used to better understand the current traffic patterns across IRNC links, and anticipate growth trends for capacity-planning purposes; the main sources and sinks of large, elephant flows; and the cause of packet loss in the path and how they impact end-to-end performance. This talk will emphasize recent developments within the project, and will promote the use of this suite of tools in new deployments. At the time of TNC, NetSage will have collected over a year worth of data. We will present results of our initial data analysis to characterize network traffic, as well as novel visualizations of network measurement data. We will demonstrate the flexibility of the NetSage approach, including access over a smartphone.



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