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SDN in GÉANT: Pilots and operational considerations

GÉANT has been prototyping SDN solutions, which, in the context of the Joint Research Activity 1 (JRA1) of the GN4-Phase2 project, are being put into pilot deployment. In particular, GÉANT is preparing to pilot the SDX, SDN-BoD and Transport SDN use-cases. These use-cases are driven by the need to achieve infrastructure and operational cost-efficiency and the need to support advanced applications and use-cases from the R&E community. The presentation will describe the results of the pilots. We will explain the details of the pilot creation and we will report on the lessons learnt. In particular, we intend to report on the problems faced, the areas where the SDN solutions have met expectations and where they may have fallen short, in terms of functional requirements, scalability, reliability, ease of setup and operation.


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SDN and overlay networks

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