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eduGAIN Attribute Release Check

Attribute release is one of biggest challenges in an (inter)federation. Identity Provider administrators are responsible for ensuring that the privacy of their end-users is respected while at the same time releasing enough information for them to access services in meaningful manner. Frameworks in the form of Entity Categories such as GÉANT Code of Conduct and REFEDS Research & Scholarship have been defined, partly to address and facilitate attribute release. With the stated goal to push adoption of the aforementioned Entity Categories and to enable administrators to easily assess the information release policies and their configurations, the JRA3 task of the GN4 project implemented eduGAIN Attribute Release Check eduGAIN Attribute Release Check is a web based service that allows the users and administrators of SAML Identity Providers published to eduGAIN to determine and verify whether they are compliant with REFEDS Research & Scholarship and GÉANT Code of Conduct. It also allows the Identity Provider to be tested against eduGAIN recommendations regarding attribute values and attribute release. In this lightning talk, eduGAIN Attribute Release Check will be formally introduced to the community with the hope of raising awareness for the existence of the service and receiving meaningful feedback.


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