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eduTEAMS at a Glance

Academic research has always been characterised by intense collaborations between people and institutions. Modern IT, and especially, IT networks have transformed the form of these collaborations. Researchers can now remotely access and share data, and can access online resources, such as journals or scientific instruments, more easily than ever. In this context, Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructures (AAI) have been developed to regulate user access to resources. Federated identity and eduGAIN go a long way to enabling such access policies for single users or research groups belonging to the same institutions. Thanks to single-sign-on (SSO), developers have built a scalable environment. When research collaborations originate from researchers in different countries and institutions, however, additional specialised infrastructures are sometimes needed to fully reap the benefits of AAI. The eduTEAMS service is being built on top of eduGAIN to address user needs and to improve the ease of collaboration by providing a set of new components: * eduTEAMS Identity Hub *eduTEAMS Membership Registration Service * eduTEAMS Discovery Service All these components are packaged and presented as a unified service to the research community (eduTEAMS). The eduTEAMS lightning talk will present a quick walk through different components of the eduTEAMS service and demonstrate why it’s a useful addition to research and education community collaboration.



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