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Distributed learning based on free open educational resources

Nowadays, the way that students learn has changed radically. Learning is now mediated by technology, and in most cases students learn independently, acquiring knowledge beyond the pedagogical contents presented by teachers on the physical classroom. I intend to explore distributed learning and focus the self-learning activities and mechanisms based on student centered learning with the aim to demonstrate that most of the time students learn quite autonomously and in a substantially different way from what teachers think they learn. Distributed learning is based on free open educational resources and as example, millions of students learn from educational videos on YouTube. I am one of them and I’ve learned a lot from the web. However, I believe that teachers should select a set good educational content when they plan their disciplines with their pedagogical needs. Teachers must understand that today’s students are no longer the students of traditional educational system. The process of teach and learn becomes digital and global based on interactive multimedia content, and not only focused on a physical classroom. Students can self-learn and acquire knowledge by themselves related with the subjects of their courses. Technology provided a revolution and the process of teach and learn made a disrupt with the past and it will never be the same again. As example look at Youtube and understand the process that allows millions of students to learn with videos, and the role of lecture recordings.


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