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09 - Deployment of SDN Controllers at Geographically Separate Sites

Naomi Terada

We have been developing a wide-area SDN testbed "RISE" to provide experimental environments for researchers. RISE is an overlay SDN on the JGN Layer2 network testbed. The current version of RISE is composed of hardware switches that are controlled by a single controller. We have succeeded to deploy software switches into RISE last year, therefore we need a new design of unified management mechanism for both hardware and software switches. Another issue is how to enhance the reliability, scalability and availability of our testbed. A centralized single SDN controller is fundamentally a single point failure, hence implementation of multiple controllers is required in our testbed to provide uninterrupted service. Our challenge this time is to design and deploy our controllers geographically separate sites over JGN. We adopted the ONOS (open network operating systems) controller for this. We also present a trial of connecting to external networks on the Internet via SDN-IP, an ONOS application for L3 networking with SDN.

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