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12 - Efficient Certificate Revocation System for eduroam WMN

Jumpei Sasaki

Public Wireless LAN is quite useful at conference sites, big events, and even in the areas damaged by natural disasters. In order to deploy Wireless LAN services in such places, there is a need to quickly and easily set up the system with user authentication capability. We developed and proposed easy-to-deploy Wireless Mesh Network(WMN) system that can be deployed without setting on the spot. In addition, we introduced Local authentication method making the system deployable in times of natural disasters, in particular when the upper network is unavailable and/or some authentication servers or proxies are down. Since the system uses digital certificate for authentication, certificate revocation checking is required. However, CRL verification and OCSP currently in standard use have some issues. CRL verification is not scalable and OCSP is not fault tolerant. This poster presents an efficient CRL distribution method that is scalable and fault tolerant.

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