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Sylvia Kuijpers, Mary Hester
30/05/2017 18:00-19:00
Split Meeting Room 11
This BoF proposal will be a follow-on discussion for a presentation proposal titled “Enlighten Your Research: Supporting research locally and globally.” Enlighten Your Research is a program developed by SURFnet to help science collaborations adopt network resources and associated technologies into their workflows. Over the last ten years, the program has proved to be a successful “research engagement” tool and a learning experience for NRENs to understand the challenges and successes of adopting network technologies from an end-user perspective. More recently, different editions of the program have been run at global and regional levels in an attempt to expand and enable international research. The EYR program allows NRENs to gain a comprehensive view of researchers’ workflows and opens opportunities for highly visible collaborations between NRENs and researchers. From a technical perspective, the program incorporates new or existing technologies to help expedite research or troubleshoot problems related to adopting the technology. Some of the most successful projects and programs have worked with HPC centres to deliver resources to end users and solve end-to-end issues. During this BoF, we would like to explore some of the lessons and trends from different editions of EYR and hear from other NRENs if this program would be valuable within their own countries. Can the program be made a template and offered as a resource to other NRENs and regional R&E networks? This would help encourage outreach to research constituents in various parts of the world.




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