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Meeting: TF-RED: Task Force on Research Engagement Development Meeting Save to my Google calendar

Sylvia Kuijpers, Mary Hester
30/05/2017 09:00-10:30
C room
TF-RED is a collaboration of NRENs working together to develop methods for engaging researchers and research collaborations nationally and internationally, through a set of reports, workshops, and best practices. The scope of the Task Force focuses on collaboration between the NRENs and then works to engage other research infrastructures. The results of the Task Force will yield tools, metrics, and documentation for other NRENs to develop their own form of research engagement to benefit the various research domains. To help meet the Task Force goals, we would like to host a meeting at TNC to discuss the progress of the Task Force’s work items with collaborating European NRENs. The meeting will be open to everyone that is interested in research engagement development, however it will be key to have our collaborating partners attend. We would also like remote participation to be available for other collaborators who may not be able to attend the meeting face-to-face. A draft agenda includes: -Introductions and overview of the Task Force -Vision and goals for the next two years -Open discussion for Task Force Terms of Reference from participating NRENs and organisations -Round table discussion from work item leaders -Plans, responsibilities, and progress -Identification of new collaborating organisations in Europe -Short presentations on international research engagement efforts (i.e., Enlighten Your Research, DI4R) -Concluding remarks, next meeting, and next activities




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