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Guy Roberts, Chin Guok
29/05/2017 14:00-17:30
Split Meeting Room 11
This is a working meeting for the Network Service Interface (NSI) working group in the Open Grid Forum. The meeting is open to all to attend and will focus on discussing the next generation of NSI standards. Draft agenda for the NSI meeting at TNC17:
1. Update of NSI doc status with Guy Roberts and OGF area director Richard Hughes Jones. (15 minutes)
2. NSI Topology, John MacAuley remote.  (15 minutes)
3.    Group discussion: 
a. NSI usage experience and use cases… How is NSI being used? What use cases are there in the community?
b. Is there a need to create a simplified REST version of NSI… any interest? 
c. NSI update to support on-demand services? i.e. turning a service instance on and off rather than time based reservation/calendaring.
4. Potential wrap-up of v.21 working group and next steps.




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