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Rodney Wilson
29/05/2017 14:00-17:30
D room
The possibilities of the autonomous network - this workshop will highlight how programmable, scalable and secure network solutions are reengineering R&E possibilities and the delivery of network services. The sessions will detail the advantages of software-centric architectures and how functionality like orchestration, analytics and network function virtualisation (NFV) combine to enable not only greater choice and best-in-breed technology, but also accelerate the move to highly reactive autonomous networks. Agenda: · The transformation of the network starts with software – an introduction to Ciena Blue Planet o How open, carrier-grade network virtualisation software simplifies end-to-end service deployment, automation and orchestration · Modular, scalable and multi-vendor - taking NFV to the next level o Overcoming the problems in OpenStack o Moving to the edge with Distributed NFV (D-NFV) · Automation, Virtualisation and Analytics in action o Demonstration of Blue Planet, the analytics functions · Guest speaker - TBC · Entertainment




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