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Demonstration: Immersia TV: Immersive Experiences around TV Save to my Google calendar

Juan A. Nuñez (i2CAT)
01/06/2017 15:30-16:00
Demo room
ImmersiaTV is creating a novel form of omnidirectional video content production and delivery that offers viewers a coherent, simultaneous broadcast experience across head mounted displays, second screens and the traditional TV set. In order to do this, we develop an end-to-end toolset covering the entire audiovisual value chain: immersive production tools, support for omnidirectional cameras, adaptive content coding and delivery. During the demo we will present the production toolkit for immersive video, delivery and reception of 360 video stream, synchronized across devices. Users will be able to wear an HMD, use an Android mobile device or just sit and enjoy the Dragon Force documentary from a regular TV enhanced by immersive experience.




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