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Demonstration: eduroam-as-a-service: a hosted IdP solution Save to my Google calendar

Stefan Winter (RESTENA), Tomasz Wolniewicz (UMK)
31/05/2017 10:30-11:00
Demo room
eduroam development is currently working on a system that takes away the technical complexities of being an IdP: administrators add and remove users via a simple to use web interface. All the technical tasks of managing the user database, creation of client certificates, validating these credentials with a EAP-TLS RADIUS server are all done in a don't-call-it-cloud central system run by eduroam Operations. By the time of TNC17, the system will already have undergone external testing with real users, and will be in a closed pilot phase. An open beta is scheduled to launch in July 2017, shortly after TNC, which makes this demonstration timely.




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