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Demonstration: E2E Real Service Analytics Over 100 Gbps WANs Using the Blue Planet Framework Save to my Google calendar

Marc Lyonnais (Ciena research Labs), Joe Mambretti (iCAIR)
30/05/2017 10:30-11:00
Demo room
Production operations require the ongoing monitoring, measuring, and analyzing network traffic. However, the majority of existing tools are oriented to only monitoring many small data flows, not high capacity flows. This demonstration will showcase the capabilities of the Ciena Blue Planet SDN control framework tools for comprehensive multi domain monitoring, measuring and analyzing in real time large scale, continuous, high performance, large capacity single stream data flows over 100 Gbps WANs. The data streams will be generated by high resolution (4k) digital media servers. The resulting measurements will be illustrated through visualizations on monitors at the conference venue. The demonstration will utilize a WAN based overlay network supported by multiple networks with some key perfSonar appliances that will monitor the network’s health. The key data will be extracted by different mechanisms. Flow characteristics will be shown in real time – the correlation of bandwidth utilization and the application will be visualized.




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