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Workshop: Transnational Education NREN Special Interest Group Save to my Google calendar

Esther Wilkinson
31/05/2017 18:00-20:00
C room
Following successful discussions at TNC16, APAN 2016 and the Internet2 Global Summit in 2016 a core group of NRENs (Jisc; Internet 2; Uninett; Surfnet; HEAnet; GARR; CERNET, ASREN) have agreed that a SIG should be set up to collaboratively address those technological challenges NRENs face in supporting TNE. GEANT have in principle agreed that a SIG should be established (ToR being drafted for discussion in Feb 2017). GEANT are supporting Jisc to lead this work in GN4-2. A proposal has been agreed at Internet2 Global Summit 2017 to run a workshop to identify specific challenges; this workshop would therefore be the first meeting of the GEANT TNE SIG to directly address these challenges. This is a timely discussion and those NRENs/collaborations noted above have already agreed to be a part of the SIG. The aim would also therefore be to identify more NRENs (e.g. KoREN, AARNet, MyREN, WACREN, TEINcc, UbuntuNet Alliance and those European NRENs with significant TNE - RENATER, FCT and DFN) who would benefit from a collaborative approach and guidance from the wider NREN community.




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